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By S J. Murphy
Red Hot Frog Alert!
By S J. Murphy
Unsolicited Tips for Trump-
By S J. Murphy
The recent flap about Trump, the Russians and treason is one of the sillier
manufactured issues I;ve seen. Yet, it is developing some legs.
When Trump was accused of inviting Russia to hack Hillary, thereby inviting a
foreign power to interfere in our elections, Trump's response was that he was only
being sarcastic was weak and ill-advised.

Firstly, one clear, concise statement should be coming from Camp Trump over and
over again- Trump did not even talk about hacking- did not suggest it at all. He only
talked about finding email that were hacked in the past. Big Difference,

Trump should say: " Many, many intelligence experts have said that it is
extremely likely that Hillary's very low security emails were hacked by
foreign entities, such as Russia. I may have been a bit tongue in check but
there is a serious issue here. I think it would be great if Russia- or
whomever hacked Hillary's Secretary of State emails would share the
33,000 that she deleted. Why not? She said they were unimportant. There
is no national security issue. However, I think it is wrong that any foreign
power might have access to information that was denied to the American
people. And it is ridiculous to think I'd suggest anyone hack Hillary. I'm
doing everything in my power to make sure she never again is in a
position to be dealing with this sensitive information. I don't want her
hacked- I want her insignificant to hackers."
Sometimes something tried and true works best. I
find the old fable of the boiling frog still does the
job better than anything else. A frog plunged into
boiling water will jump out while a frog submerged
in cold water will not notice slowly rising
temperatures and so will not jump out it time
before being boiled.
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The Dismantling of Local Police Forces-
Random Anarchy or Part of a Bigger Plan?
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When originally running for President Barack Obama would talk of his desire to
I remember thing at the time that it sounded redundant to existing police.

Well, it would be. That's why it is so essential to Obama and company that local
police forces fold because officers are under attack and new recruits no where to
be found.
Don't Let 'Em Hack Your Strategy
Talk About Obama On the Trail
surprised at Obama's unprecedented behavior as a "Campaigner in Chief".

Of course it is another betrayal of the people- using the people's Air Force One for
Campaigning- transforming presidential addresses here and abroad into Hillary

Trump should only respond to Obama's involvement with amusement. Trump
should say; "Let's all be happy that Obama is everywhere campaigning for
Hillary! This is a good thing. The less time Obama is in Washington, the less
harm he can do to the rest of us!"
DePaul University's barring of conservative speaker Ben Shapiro only highlights the
crisis in America's Colleges. Although DePaul claims their actions are based in a fear
of unrest, the deeper issue is the current culture to silence dissidence. This goes far
beyond the totalitarian imposing of one point of view by administrators and faculty.
Students are not only not being taught critical thinking- critical thinking is also openly
discouraged. Beyond that, rather than teaching young students how to express their
own beliefs while respecting those of others, most colleges and universities are  to
refuse to even hear a differing voice. Moreover, they provide the poor little darlings
with support and counseling when the accidentally hear something at variance from
what they've been taught.

So this is what the college system is offering us for future leadership?
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Hillary to Unveil
Her Plan for
the Military:
Meet "The
of Love"
Don't Talk About Amnesty- Talk
About Merit-Based Diversion!
As Trump attempts to find his way forward on immigration, one of the most complex
issues ever confronted by our nation, the dem puppet media has decided to focus on
an assertion of "flipflopping".
Trump can refute this by saying that he is not
suggesting amnesty because amnesty ignores the rule of law. What he
is doing is exploring a diversion program-
much like programs that are
common now in our legal system. Diversion programs are often used to handle
nonviolent offenders in "white collar" crime and traffic offense situations.

Here at The Cool Conservative we have advocated this system for years, We do not
believe in painting with a broad brush. We have never understood the logic of
treating people who have assimilated- who have contributed to their communities with
people that are criminals and with people who are clearly here only to game the
welfare system.

Let's be frank. Some illegal aliens have been living openly for decades, while
American law enforcement has simply looked the other way.

his merit plan is based on a point system. Owning a home, stability in
residence, long term employment, owning a business, community activities-
all such factors would have point values
. If people pass the threshold, they can
qualify for a diversion program that would require them to jump through some hoops
while allowing them provisional status as legal residents.

This fits perfectly with a tough-on-immigration plan that deports felons and those who
have not established stability and productivity.

This approach enforces the purpose our borders serve: to enforce security,   to
protect our society and to safeguard essential government functions, yet  protects
long -established families and the American communities of which they have become
an integral part. It tempers existing laws with fairness without flaunting or disregarding

This is the answer. Let it be the Trump answer.
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FCC, UN to Rescue America
from the Scourge of "Code Words"
Some say Kaepernick is courageous- some he is hypocritical.

I think what he is- is brilliant.

Here's a guy with a fading career- just waiting to be cut.

That can't happen now. No matter how badly he plays, he
can never be cut. Any discipline of him, any action that is
based on poor play- anything negative- it will all be viewed as

Others may join him for ideological resons, but I will always
see Kaepernick as the most clever guy on the field with the
smartest job protection plan.
The Kaepernick Caper
Time for take
control of the terms
of the discourse!
Check out the
Talk About Why You'd NEVER
Want to Lose Hillary
If asked about the recent and ridiculous flap about 2nd Amendment
supporters, Trump should say:
"If the media bothered to get to know me
at all, They know that I'm not the sort of person to wish ill on anybody.
I would NEVER wish ill on Hillary. She is the perfect opponent for me.
made to order- the polar opposite of me in every wy. Nobody has
more vulnerabilities, more weaknesses snd higher unfavorables than
Hillary. I hope she stays very healthy and stays in the race because
she's it. She's the person I wantto beat.
All the furor about Hillary's health will dissipate-whether
or not it should. I'd like tp see attention given to the fact
that the woman seems incapable of learning a lesson.

Recent history clearly shows that Americans will forgive
most sins but will not suffer a coverup..

America forgave her husband fr betraying our trust by
seducing and corrupting a starry-eyed young intern in
the people's Oval Office. Only lies and coverups  really
got him into trouble. Yet, Hillary has learned nothing.
She covers everything as a default reaction. It will
continue to happen and it will continue to cause her
trouble. She cannot learn.

The exasperation of her staff is palpable. I imagine they
went through a living hell trying to teach her new ways ro
handle information and technology.

I can also imagine a Hillary Whote House...
"Hillary, we've told you a thousand times. You DON'T
use the Red Phone to call Chelsea."
Hillary's Health Problems Can Be
Treatesd Inability to Learn Cannot
Elizabeth Warren to serve
as Federal Director of
Sports Reform
Talk about the Mirror Syndrome
Have you ever noticed that con artists think everybody else is trying to cheat them-
how philandering spouses always think they are being cheated on-how liars always
assume everybody else is lying

Well, the Democrats have turned this human foible into one of their most oft used

They are obsessed with race- focused on it, unwilling to look beyond the color of
one's skin. They are even supportive of recent moves to segregate student
housing on campuses. Yet, it is the Republicans that the Democrats  accuse of
committing the very sins, they, themselves, commit.A perfect example of the mirror
syndrome. Racial divisiveness is not their only hypocrisy. While they constantly
claim to be the party that uses unifying language, they savagely accuse
Republicans of preaching hate. Yet it is the Democrats who lower the discourse
with a constant stream of hate-filled name-calling.

When they hold the mirror up and think they are seeing their enemies, is it then
they saw a basket of deplorable?

There is another timely case in point. Lets call it the Russian Job. The Democrats
are determined to convince us that Putin and company are rooting for Trump.

Think about it. Middle Schoolers could tell you that it is almost a certainty that
Russia hacked Hillary's emails and do now possess information our own
government can't access. That is leverage, my friends. Hillary is extremely
vulnerable to Russian extortion. Putin would be a fool not to want Hillary in the
White House.

As Trump has pointed out, Putin is a strong and forceful leader and certainly not a

Trump should communicate to the American people how the Democrats
operate,Only then will Hillary be forced to face her own reflection.
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The calls for Lester Holt to act as a fact-checking, merciless attack dog against
Trump are gifts from God.

Trump need only say,
"Being Moderator is a challenging job as it is. I have
absolutely no intention of asking Lester Holt to my job for me. I'm
well-informed and perfectly capable of identifying falsehoods from Mrs.
Clinton. I possess the communication skills required to question and
debate her. I feel sorry for Hillary that so many people doubt her abilities
that they are calling  for Mr. Holt to step and in do her job for her. This is
not very flattering to her.
Imagine we were quarterbacks in a football game and Hillary's team were
asking that referees pass the ball for her so she wouldn't have to use her
time getting close to the end zone."

As for Mark Cuban, Trump should say,
"I have made no secret of my belief
that Mark is unable to grasp the economic nuances of my policies but I
mean him no harm as a person. He seems like a kind of a lonley guy and I
actually happy he got invited someplace."