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By Kip Murphy
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For the Coolest Trump Tees
By S.J. Murphy
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Chelsea- definitely her mother's daughter. I'm talking
about more than a brutal lack of fashion sense- I'm
talking about her comments about Planned Parenthood as
our nation's great economic boon.

At The Cool Conservative we believe that a human fetus
is entitled to all human rights by virtue of each fetus
having unique DNA- not belonging to a parent. However,
even those who disagree with human rights for fetuses
usually have the good grace to regret the occurrence of an
abortion. Usually pro-choicers will at least express a
desire to have prevention of abortions. But to prop up
Planned Parenthood as economic saviors is astoundingly
out of touch with most Americans.

It makes me nostalgic. This is just the sort of ill-conceived
remark her mother would have made

SECURITY CLEARANCES- What bothers me most
about the recent discourse on the termination of John
Brennan's security clearance is the total lack of logic
being displayed by many. Voices keep saying this is an
attempt by the President to silence Brennan- to curtail his
freedom of speech. What? It seems to me that a person
carrying a lot of sensitive information would have
considerably fewer opportunities to speak out.

I am also astounded to hear that such a clearance is a
constitutional right, Really? Where's mine?

However, I do agree that such clearances should not be
granted as a political reward. They should be about
security. And that is exactly what is happening here.

Brennan is a threat to national security and he has been
for a long, long time.

He has been investigated by many. The opposition to him
as being placed in place of security influence and
knowledge. The statements he has made against the best
interests of this country are legion.

Brennan wants to be allowed the access to secure
information after his service has ended. Yet he does not
feel that he his required to continue other aspects of his
service- such as not making public statements that
weaken the international position of his country, no matter
what his personal political feelings and ambitions may be.

Brennan works for CNN. In what universe is it a good
idea to give a broadcaster or political opinion pundit  top
secret information?

Justice Department personnel who have been mentioned
for clearance removal have abused this privilege. They
have used their access and authority for political
purposes- exactly what Trump is accused of having done.

The talking heads will continue to explode but I, for one,
will sleep better.

John Brennan is without a doubt an enemy of this country.
The fact that he is no privy to top secret information
should make us all very happy.
How Stupid is Putin?
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Throughout all the discussion of Russian collusion, far too many
people on every side of the table seem to mindlessly accept the
single assertion that is at the root of it all: Putin wanted Trump to

If he did, he is a blithering idiot.

In order to discover if Putin is that stupid, let's examine energy.

Russia's economy and position in the world is based upon energy-
Russia's ability to produce it and market it to the world and The
United States functioning as a consumer and not a producer.

When the entire world was certain that President Hillary was a
shoe-in, Putin must have been overcome with joy. After all, Hillary
was not subtle about her intention to end fossil fuels of all varieties.
She would stop fracking, disallow all pipelines, declare war on the
oil industry.

By the same token, Putin must have been enormously relieved that
all polls showed Trump losing. Could Putin have been stupid
enough to want n American President who was not subtle about his
desire to make his country not only energy independent but the
leading producer.

Putin's pre-election choice was clear. Although occasionally making
a "hawkish" remark, Clinton had never actually taken an action
that was at all threatening to Russia. In fact she had given away
much of America's uranium and brokered many lucrative deals with
Russians through her foundation. On the other hand, Putin could
have chosen Trump- the international business man well know n for
an aggressive drive to win.

NATO exists to protect nations from Russia. It was Trump who
consistently talked about strengthening NATO- extracting more
defense spending from members.

The Democrats would have us believe that Putin wanted that and
made overt actions to get Trump elected.

Vladimir Putin is a lot of things. But he's not that stupid.