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By S J. Murphy
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By S.J. Murphy
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More on the McCain
Because of his heroic service to our country, it is
difficult to criticize Senator John McCain. But these
days when he speaks out he does so as a duly elected
member of the United States Senate. He is not
speaking as a Veteran or as a former POW but as a
Senator. He is as vulnerable to criticism as any other
member of the Senate- and right now he is quite
deserving of it.

This is a crucial time for the new Republican
administration. Nobody expects McCain to agree with-
or support all Trump initiatives, but he is undercutting
the President publicly and vocally. It is not helpful.

Many just shake the heads and mumble “RINO” when
the name McCain comes up. I do not think that is
actually what is going on. What is happening with this
man is much more complex.
Senator McCain has come to think of himself as morally
superior- especially to the President and his fellow
Republicans. He has come to believe his own press
clippings. He sees himself as high above all others.

Saving our nation requires a team effort. Unfortunately
Senator McCain’s goal is to constantly assert his own
superiority. Sadly, he is not willing to be part of the
Angry Riots-                              
The Beginning Or the End?
It has been a cacophony since the Inauguration- raucous riots,
sputtering actors, hysterical pundits, desperate Democrats.
There has been so much anti Trump verbiage it is hard o
absorb it all.

The puppet media would have us believe that this is the
enthusiastic kickoff to four years of passionate protest. I am
not so sure.

I am reminded of house flies at the end of summer. They buzz
more loudly than ever. The fly about in a mad frenzy, spinning
and darting. They do this because they know their summer is
ending. Their time is growing short.

All this noise and energy is not the beginning of anything. It is

Yes, the Democrats hope that they can slow the Trump
juggernaut with a bold show of early opposition but I also
believe that they know that it will be difficult to maintain long

Why will it be so hard to maintain? Money. While angry actors
screech and campuses burn, the rest of the nation will be
enjoying a rapidly improving economy. When people have jobs,
opportunities, futures and money in their pockets, they will
have no interest in the "resistance".

At least some of the liberal leaders must see this. They must
know that this may e their last opportunity to make a splash for
quite a while. So, when I see these celebrities and other highly  
excited liberals I see house flies- spinning, buzzing in a last
desperate, frenzied effort to grasp the last fading rays of

Hillary Lays Claim to
Mexican Presidency
Grief Counselors Rush to
ESSPN Corporate Offices
Following Patriots Win
When Will They Ever

I saw an article on the Drudge Report about Mitch
McConell's efforts to distance himself from the
President. We never know from day-to-day whether
Paul Ryan will be supportive or haughtily opposed.
Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski defect from the
ranks. John McCain and Lindsay Graham are so
anxious to condemn the Republican President they
can hardly contain themselves.

These and the rest of the RINO ELITES are a study in
irony. Don't they realize that Donald Trump only rose in
power because of them? Don't they know that it was
their failure to stand up against Democrats that
created the Trump phenomenon?

Amazingly, most of the RINO ELITES do not seem to
realize that their own, wimpy, acquiescing,
equivocating  behavior brought Trump into the White
House. The exquisite irony is that they now self-
rightously object to Trump and respond with the very
same behavior that created him.

It seems that these people have learned absolutely
nothing. They are gambling that Trump is an
aberration- a flash in the pan- and that they will
remain in power when he dissipates.

They are quite mistaken.
The Attack of the LabelMakers:  

For decades the Liberals have been the owners of the
communication labelmaker. They are the first to slap a
label on something and the most effective and determined
at disseminating that label to the American people Sadly,
Conservatives are always reacting- always responding-
always at a disadvantage.

This unfortunate situation remains unchanged. President
Trump's Executive Order concerning travel from selected
terrorist nations is an excellent case in point.
On FOX News'
Media Buzz with Howard Kurtz last Sunday, Kurtz
interviewed sports pundit Will Leitch. During that interview
Leitch twice referred to the Executive order as "the Muslim
Ban". Kurtz did not challenge this label.

The order can be heard described that way or as a "travel ban"
in every news outlet. That is not what the order is. It is neither
being properly labeled  nor its intent properly conveyed.

This has happened with very little effort on the parts of
Liberal;s or their puppet media because the Trump
Administration left a gaping void for them to fill. Team Trump
did not release their own catchy, succinct label for the order. It
should have been called a "Temporary Suspension of Travel in
Lieu of improved Vetting". This label should have been used
immediately and repeated again and again and again. Bloggers
should have been relentlessly hammering the terminology.
Citizens should have been constantly correcting an incorrect

Along with the right label, other succinct descriptions of the
Oder should have been disseminated. For example everyone
in America should know that the nations earmarked for this
order were so not only because they are hospitable to terror
but because these nations do not provide much data for
vetting from their ends. Whether or not people from these
nations have already committed =-acts of terror is NOT the
deciding factor. Everyone should now what to call this order
and its true intent- but nobody does. This is our fault- the result
of being reactionary and not proactive on the communication

This about marketing and branding. If we want to win this war
we must take control of the labelmaker.