Welcome to The Cool Conservative. For far too long we, the conservatives,
have allowed the liberals, the democrats and the establishment media to define all
the terms. They decide how each issue will be framed, described and discussed.
They pronounce the nomenclature that will be used and the parameters that will
be enforced. That's how American culture got the warm and fuzzy handle of
"pro-choice" for abortion backers. That's how it is that the American people believe
that conservative Republicans are stingy when it comes to charitable giving while
liberals are- well- liberal, when statistics prove the opposite to be true. It is the
movement of the left and the establishment media that have decided that liberals
are cool and that conservatives are nerdy and stodgy. ENOUGH OF THAT!
These people do not define or decide anything for us. It is very COOL to be
conservative. From this day forward we will reveal and celebrate the intrinsic
coolness of conservatism. Join us.

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