For far too long Conservatives have
characterizations placed upon them by
democrats and their liberal media
machine. It is time to fight back and  
win the public relations war.
Most Americans believe in the
basic precepts of Conservatism. It
is NOT a fringe movement nor is it
. All real growth and
progress occurs under Conservative

The ShowBiz Factor:
Because most celebrities are
entertainers, they live their lives in a
constant search for approval. Some
time ago PR Savvy liberals convinced
much of the entertainment industry
that being liberal was "cool", that the
public preferred liberals and that to be
conservative also meant to be
unpopular, "uncool" and disliked.
Today,  fragile-egoed celebrities,
desperately afraid of losing popularity
identify themselves as liberal for this
reason. For most it is about
psychology rather than ideology.

It is essential that Conservatives,
recognize, understand and effectively
combat this liberal public relations
Conservatives Must
Maintaining Internal &
External Security & Defense
We must battle: An Administration
defense as warranted by that
consistently fails to invest in
increasing international threats,
displays weakness in negotiation
and fails to secure and protect
national borders; A failure to
recognize the depth and intensity
of the threat to our Nation by
terrorist organizations and
totalitarian regimes, all intent on
the destruction of  the United
States and Western culture in
Protection of the Free
Enterprise System, a Vital,
Independent Private Sector,
Economic Stability &
Fair, Just Taxation
We must fight: Government control of
the stock market, meddling in private
businesses, attempts to nationalize
industries, medicine, health care and
the insurance industry; Plans that
will harm private entities by forcing
them into competition with their own
government; taxes that are unfair,
punitive and discourage or prohibit
commercial growth and personal
prosperity; A federal government that
usurps commercial and charitable
functions heretofore provided by the
private sector; Policies that hamper
or close businesses and produce
major unemployment; Massive,
irresponsible spending to produce
intrusive social programs and
corrupt "sweetheart deals"; the
accumulation of massive deficits and
irresponsible monetary policies that
could produce hyperinflation and
produce global economic
catastrophe; Excessive controls and
interference in agriculture and the
distortion and corruption of
America's labor union system.
We Must Develop
Environmental & Energy
Policies That are        
Humanity-Based & Reflect     
Balance Between the Needs of
the People & Conservation
Establishing Objectivity as
the Ethical Standard in
Appropriate Professions:
We must fight for impartiality
and fairness in: Journalism,
education, the judiciary, textbook
and resource book/internet
publishing, US Census
administration, & opinion,
policy and scientific research.
In allowing extreme
environmentalism to serve as the
laws, the central government has
put  at risk the very future of the
American People. Often, these
policies are devastating to living
human beings- all to achieve a
marginal impact on a future
environment. For example, under
“Cap-and- Trade” goods & energy
will be unaffordable while  
commerce and agriculture in the
USA will be decimated as other
countries,unhindered by regulation
do real environmental damage while
producing the energy and
agricultural and manufactured
products still needed in the USA, a
country no longer able to compete
Opposing the Pervasive         
Campaign to Deny the            
American People Their Right
to Cultural Self-Determination
American colonists first formed
forged a government to reflect
their shared values– not to
create or dictate values. The
SCOTUS & ACLU do not tell us  
what is right. As a majority, we,
the  people, tell our
representatives what is right,
charging them to so legislate.
You Are If You Believe That..
We must oppose: A central federal
large and excessively powerful
function from the States, from the
citizens and from private entities.
Legislative abuse, such as the  
creating of MEGA-Bills,
Establishing untenable time limits
for   passage, and the abuse of
congressional rules denying
legislators and citizens the
opportunity to examine, consider
and debate. Democrat abuse of
Franking rules in controlling what
Republicans can mail to
constituents. Rampant abuse of
presidential privilege, e.g. The
appointment czars and
bureaucrats to usurp the powers
of elected officials. And a judiciary
that is attempting to legislate
rather than interpret.
Preservation of Our Republic,     
Our Governmental Structure,      
& The Sovereignty of States
...If you believe that:
...If you believe that:
...If you believe in:
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Now- is the perfect time for all Conservatives to take a moment to reflect on what it really means to be a Conservative.
Terms are being bandied about quite- well- liberally. Social conservative, fiscal conservative, moderate conservative,
libertarian- what have you. It is time to define some terms and clarify some ideals.

First some clarifications: The day in which clear contrasts could be drawn between social and fiscal conservatives is past.  
People cannot say that they support a low taxes and small, efficient government but support liberal social programs and
policies. This position defies logic. Liberals have produced a government that is bloated and swollen beyond all reason and
hope of efficiency. The huge amounts of fiscal resources that fill this corpulent mess are not being poured into a vacuum.
No, almost all resources now are being piped into a network of liberal social programs. LIBERAL POLICIES ARE THE
REASON FOR OUR CURRENT FISCAL DISASTER. You cannot say that you support liberal programs but are still a fiscal
conservative. No way. Conservatives must realize that liberalism is destroying us and the causes and the costs cannot be
divorced from one another, Conservatives must oppose both. Further, Conservatives are devoted to liberty but the term is
not interchangeable with Libertarian. When colonists first stood on these new shores they first formed a society, a culture
based in shared values. They later forged a government to implement those values. Bluntly stated, this was and is the land
of the free but not a land of unfettered freedom. We chose to form a civilized society in which rights and responsibilities are
balanced against each other by citizens that choose to live here. Also balanced are the rights of the society against the
rights of the individual.  For example, there are many who are working to eliminate legal restrictions on adults having sex
with children. They say that current laws impede the rights of the adults and the children. Technically in a pure libertarian
view they may be right. And indeed there are other places on this planet where such activity is accepted. Not here. The
American civilization does not accept this. We enact laws to prevent it and we don't particularly care whose rights have been
abridged. There are countless other areas of human interaction that are governed by our laws to reflect and assert the rights
of the American people to exist within their own value structure.  It is complex. While we outlaw child pornography, the same
society endorses a fight to the death to the protect other kinds of publishing. So, although we are a country that values
liberty, we are not a libertarian country.